1. The renter is responsible for the correctness of overleaf description of the cottage.
  2. The tenancy only includes the persons signed up on the contract.
  3. The renter is not responsible for suddenly arisen damage, but shall take care, that the damage will be repaired as soon as possible.
  4. The renter is not responsible for appearance of insects in the cottage.
  5. The hirer is responsible for the rented and has liability to pay compensation for any possible damage to cottage or equipment during the occupied period.
  6. Cleaning of the rented lies with the hirer. By leaving cottage and equipment should be left as arrival.
  7. 1. rate: 25% of the total amount are due 14 days after reception of the reservation, or immediately with online booking.
  8. ​2. rate: 75% of the total amount are due 6 weeks before arrival.

  9. With payment is the terms of rent accepted.

  10. A) If a tenancy is cancelled latest 2 months before the beginning of the tenancy, the renter reserves his right to charge a service salary of 68,00 Euro, per unit.

  11. B) By cancelling later than 6 Weeks before the beginning of tenancy, but earlier than 2 weeks before beginning of tenancy, the renter reserves his right to charge 50% of the total amount.

  12. C) By cancelling later than 2 weeks before beginning of tenancy, the renter reserves his right to charge full price

  13. D) If the renter re-rents the cottage within the cancelled tenancy’s term, the hereby gained amount with deduction of the service salary (pt. 8A), will of course be refunded.
  14. E) The cancellation is considered as having taken place on the day the renter receives it.

  15. The camping regulations and the Camp Manager’s instructions must be respected.

  16. All prices are included VAT. At any possible disagreement referring to the tenancy, the rules of Danish law will be in force.

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"Højt anbefalet"

Meget flot campingplads, dejligt flot personale. Vi er tilbage takket være Gitte Claus og Morten. Hilsner fra Østrig.

Harry Neumayer

"Næste år er vi her igen"

En af de bedste campingpladser, vi kender. Fedt sted! Stille på trods af mange børn, da pladslayoutet er perfekt. Rene sanitære faciliteter, pool, sauna, minigolf, tv osv.

Gerald Jette

""Fantastisk campingplads"

Det bedste! Siden vi var 10 år, har vi været gæster ... nu kører den næste generation allerede. Vi ser frem til denne sommer ... for 20. gang!

Pauline Westermann

"Smuk campingplads"

Måske den smukkeste campingplads, vi nogensinde har været på Og så de omgivelser!

Solvor Skreden

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