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Ticket conditions

It is important that the right information, involving car specs (length and height), number of passengers and age of children, is given at checkout. If the wrong information given it can resolve in a back payment at the check in with Bornholmslinjen

​When you order a package deal direct your attention to these:

Remember to check the sent departures. If there were no free spots left on the departure you wished for, then we will reserve a spot on the departure closest to the one wished for.


Insurance: we urge our guests to contact their own insurance company, if an accident, sickness or anything requiring an insurance should occur.


Cancellation insurance can be drawn in own insurance company

Reserve for typing errors or calculation errors and change in prices and taxes.

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Ticket conditions ”Bornholmslinjen” with Purchase through Møllers Dueodde Camping


¤Reservations ordered 28 or more days before departure can not be cancelled, if there are 25 or less days until departure.

¤ Reservations ordered before 27 days till departure, can only be cancelled, up till 5 days after the order has been confirmed.

¤ Reservations ordered less then 5 days before departure, can only be cancelled, 1 workday after the order has been confirmed.


¤ Tickets can freely be changed up till 3 days, to the same route only.

¤ Tickets can not be changed, besides the conditions above.

Take your dog with you

At our site your four legged friend is most welcome

Nice sandy beaches

With a nice beach for the intire family to relax and have fun

Activities for the intire family

At our site it is fun for the intire family

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